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Booking Terms and conditions:

1: Your truck needs to be parked at the designated place, guided by the Red Lion Truck Stop staff. It is the driver's responsibility to make payment in café or at security office if café is closed.

2: Any delay in arrival time needs to be informed over the phone and a new expected time of arrival should be provided.

3: If you do not arrive within 1 hour of the ETA without any further information, the booking will become void. Any cancellation of your booking should be informed over phone also to avoid such an incident to go on a customer's record.

4: Vehicles are left at the driver's own risk. Cooking with naked flames is strictly prohibited in the parking area. Red Lion Truck Stop will not be liable for any damage (including without limitation, theft or other losses of a vehicle, damage for loss of business or loss of profit) arising in contract, tort or otherwise from the use of this service centre.

5: Parking tariffs may change without prior notice. For current charges you are required to check on the day of arrival.

6: There are limited spaces which can be booked in advance and the rest of the spaces are available on a first come first served basis. We advise that you plan your journey accordingly to avoid any disappointment.

7: All freezer/ refrigerator trucks need to switch off their refrigerator/ freezer units by 8:00 pm.

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